Dublin Florist - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I check the status of my flower or gift basket order for Dublin?
  • Login to my http://www.flower4dublin.com account to track the status of your order or visit our customer service page.
  • How do you deliver worldwide so quickly?
  • The short answer is that we use local suppliers, your basket is sent locally within the country of destination. So in most locations we can deliver in just 3 days (there are exceptions).
  • How do you make sure our items won’t get damaged or spoiled?
  • This again is because we use local suppliers to send the baskets. Reducing the transit times and therefore the risk of anything to the broken or spoiled. If you place an order in advance we wait to send it until we are closer to the delivery date.
  • What about customs and duty fees?
  • All this is avoided because of our local suppliers. The price is what you see on the website.
  • How long will it take to deliver my gift?
  • In most locations 1 to 3 business days, but there are exceptions. During holiday times, it may take a little longer and more remote areas may take longer to get too.
  • Can you delivery wine and liquor everywhere?
  • There are many countries with heavy restrictions on alcohol delivery. You can check with us, but in general if you do not find alcohol in the selection for a country. We probably cannot do it due to restrictions.
  • Is there a delivery fee for an unlisted location?
  • Unfortunately yes. The delivery fee will depend on how difficult it is to make your delivery happen based on location and the items you request. Typically this fee is between $20 and $39 USD. You will be notified of the extra cost once we confirm the delivery is even possible.
  • Can I request a specific time for my gift to be delivered?
  • You can ask, but it cannot be guaranteed. Our couriers make their own schedule based on the number of gifts they have to deliver on a given day, and it’s not something we have direct control over. In most areas deliveries are done between 8 Am and 8 pm.
  • When will you charge my card for my order?
  • We charge your card the very moment you place your order on our website, even if you request a delivery date that is 4 months out. If your circumstances change, such as the recipient moving, reach out to our customer service team as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.
  • Do I really have to have a phone number for delivery?
  • To make a successful delivery we highly recommend to have a local phone number. Worst case and e-mail would help. If there is no way for us to contact the recipient, we can try to deliver but no guarantees can be made. In that instance will ask you to confirm in writing that you accept the risks of a no phone delivery and understand that we will not be able to offer any refunds if for some reason the delivery can not happen.
  • What will happen if my recipient isn’t home to accept the gift?
  • There’s a few different things that my happen, if it is safe, and the goods are not perishable, the courier may decide to leave the gift at the door or with a neighbor. For office or apartment buildings with a mail room they may choose to leave the gift with reception. When this is not possible, or the gift needs special storage, we will try delivery again. After the 3rd attempt however the gift will be returned to us and you may have to pay for re delivery.
  • I need to add something to my order, is this possible?
  • This depends on your order status. If it's not processed yet, in most cases yes. If it's already processed for delivery then we would be able to send the added item for you separately.
  • Do you delivery to Hotels, Hospitals, Churches, Schools, or other similar locations?
  • As long as they do not have a policy against accepting gifts, we do deliver there. Please make sure to have both the recipient and the business we are delivering too. This will allow us to call ahead and make sure they have no restrictions. Fresh fruit and flowers are often banned for hospitals and nursing homes because of the potential allergens a recipient can get.
  • Can I include a personal note?
  • Absolutely! When you go to check out there is a field for you to put your personalized gift message. There is a character limit to be mindful of. If you need to send a longer message please contact customer service, we would be happy to email it to your recipient.
  • Can I send my own logo or picture to be attached to a gift?
  • We can only do this for bulk orders of 5 or more gifts. Please make sure the image that you send adheres to all of our image standards listed here.
  • I want to place a large order on behalf of a company, can you handle that?
  • We can absolutely handle that! The first steps of ordering is to contact us via email or phone. From there you will be contacted by our corporate specialist team who will help you on the next steps to take and help you during every step of the process.
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